Last weekend we shooted the video of “Through The Night”, the song is extracted from the brand new album “Fading” will coming out in April.
We want to thank all the people who helped us make it happen, below you can watch a couple of photos taken from the set shot in Pacentro.

Diletta Laezza and Massimiliano D’Aloiso on the set of Through The Night new song of Christine Plays Viola
Diletta Laezza and Massimiliano D’Aloiso
Christine Plays Viola : CPV pendant band logo
CPV Pendant Logo

The video was shot in a farm house located in Pacentro, a delightful town in central Abruzzo near Sulmona.

The location of Through the night video called “La Casa di Marlurita” in this house, until the 1970’s, “Marlurita Chiachio” (Maria Loreta Pacella, born in 1890). She was known for her so-called healing abilities. Marlurita knew the formulas and procedures to “heal” from the evil eye, but she was also able to cure tooth aches using metal objects and magic phrases.

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After the 2015 video “The Stars Can’t Frighten II” the Christine Plays Viola back to collaborate with the director Josh Heisenberg, instead Diletta Laezza and Massimiliano D’Aloiso were chosen as the protagonists of “Through The Night”.

Stay tuned !!

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