Fading New Album 2020

“Fading” will be the 4th full length of the darkwave band Christine Plays Viola, the new album includes nine fresh songs and will be released in the early months of 2020.
This work represents a new change for the band, indeed some tracks are more acoustic in their construction others more psychedelic than the past albums, a new path has been marked by Christine Plays Viola.

More updates about the release date and others details will be announced in the next days on our blog page.

Here’s the tracklist of the album :

01 – The Earth Is Definitely Doomed
02 – Suicidal Cabaret
03 – Showdown At The Mirror
04 – Still
05 – Through The Night
06 – Run
07 – In The Dark
08 – I Belong
09 – You’re No One

Christine Plays Viola, Fading the new album cover, gallery with lights, shadow on the ground, white and black pic, Darkwave, post punk, goth, coldwave, newwave
Front Cover of Fading
cover art of “Fading” the new album of Christine Plays Viola, darkwave, post punk, coldwave, newwave, goth, gothic-rock

feel free to follow also the bandcamp page from the below link