Due to the current situation we are experiencing, we have decided to postpone the release of the album to May 18th.

We spoke with the Record Label and we agreed that it is possible release the album in May. Let’s hope that the things will improve quickly and this our decision counts as a wish to return to normal.

We want to see you again dancing in the clubs, festivals and we can’t wait to go back to playing live.

As you know, we’re working on the video of the song : “Through The Night”, in this difficult period, we had to slow down the editing phase but we count to release it asap.
In the meantime for the launch of the album, we have prepared a lyric video of the song “Still” that you can listen to from the following link :

“STILL” Lyric Video
“Still” brand new song from “Fading”

In addition to confirming the release date of “Fading” on May 18, in these days of quarantine having a lot of time available, we recorded a revisited version of “Sweet Harmony” of “The Beloved” that you can listen to in the video below

Cover of “Sweet Harmony”

If you want to pre-order “Fading”, let’s visit our BandCamp from the link below :


or go on our shop of this site from here :


Fading Album Backcover