Concert at Defrag – 17/01/2020

After three years from our last concert in Rome, we were hosted from The Funeral Party the event was organized from Black Cat and took place at Defrag : venue located in a lovely area of Rome called Tufello.

Firstly we spent wonderful time with the guys from Black Cat, very kindly people, they ran an amazing party and everything was perfect for us.

Band of Christine Plays Viola with Black Cat crew
CPV with Black Cat crew

So about the show, we played our classic songs like : witch of silence, permutations, slaughter of the black sun, scattered in the dust and much more.
Furthermore for the first time we played three of new songs included in the forthcoming album “Fading” : I Belong, The Earth Is Definitely Doomed, Through The Night.

Above all the audience it was great and we had a lot of fun on the stage, here’s below you can watch an extract from the concert in Rome : this is “Poles Apart”, thanks a lot for your wonderful support !!!

Christine Plays Viola

In conclusion you can read the entire setlist of the concert :

  • The Earth Is Definitely Doomed
  • Sentenced To Fall
  • Nefarious
  • Poles Apart
  • Permutations
  • Behind A Wicked Mind
  • The Stars Can’t Frighten I
  • The Stars Can’t Frighten II
  • The Most Beautiful of Our Seas Is the One We Didn’t Sail
  • I Belong
  • Murderous Dementia
  • Slaughter Of The Black Sun
  • Scattered In The Dust
  • Slowing Sinking In Gloom
  • Through The Night
  • Witch Of Silence

Bis : Nefarious, Poles Apart

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Christine Plays Viola Concert at defrag in Rome, all members of CPV with The crew of Black Cat - Darkwave, Postpunk, Goth, Coldwave, Newwave