• "Through The Night"

    The New Video
  • "Through The Night"

    The New Video



“Fading” is the new chapter of Christine Plays Viola: the change and the evolution of the sounds have always been the fundamental principles of the band’s musical proposal. Also in this fourth album, the CPV present a more intimate work, in which the use of less angular sounds is evident, sometimes more acoustic than in the past but without ever distorting the imprinting matured by the band from its debut until today.


Christine Plays Viola, in white shirts official band pic black and white under a sunny day in the hills of Pescocostanzo, Abruzzo, Italy Fabrizio Giampietro, Massimo Ciampani, Daniele Vergni, Marco Di Ianni, Darkwave, Postpunk,Post-punk,coldwave, newwave,goth,synthwave

Christine Plays Viola Official

Label : Manic Depression Records / Icy Cold Records
Released : May 18, 2020
Genre : coldwave/darkwave/gothic-rock/newwave/post punk/synthwave/goth

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Christine Plays Viola, Fading the new album cover, gallery with lights, shadow on the ground, white and black pic, Darkwave, post punk, goth, coldwave, newwave

Christine Plays Viola Official

Label : Manic Depression Records / Icy Cold Records
Released : May 18, 2020
Genre : coldwave/darkwave/gothic-rock/newwave/post punk/synthwave/goth

Christine Plays Viola Shop

Band members

Massimo Ciampani
Fabrizio Giampietro
Marco Di Ianni
Bass guitar
Daniele Vergni
Synth, Drum machine, Programming


Biography and story

…”Christine”…the “Kaleidoscope style” of a Siouxsie And The Banshees’ song…

…”Plays Viola”…instrument with a sweet and gentle sound…

…on the whole…a contrast between darkness and light.

Christine Plays Viola…for the lovers of bands like The Cure, Joy Division, Depeche Mode…

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T. B. S. B. O. S. T.
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Spooky Obsessions
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The Stars Can’t Frighten
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Promo 2012
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Innocent Awareness
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Promo 2010
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  • Through The Night
  • Directed by Josh Heisenberg - 2020

  • Ossessione
  • Directed by Daniele Vergni - 2016

  • The Stars Can't Frighten - Part II
  • Directed by Josh Heisenberg - 2015

  • Slaughter Of The Black Sun
  • Directed by Mauro John Capece - 2014

  • Apocryphal Supremacy
  • Directed by Andrea Puglielli - 2011

  • Permutations
  • Directed by Mauro John Capece - 2011

  • Witch Of Silence
  • Directed by Loreto Valente - 2011

Upcoming Gigs

  • european tour
  • Live in Poland - 2018

Concerts gig dates venues infos :

if you’re a promoter and you want to run a Christine Plays Viola’s show, feel free to contact us for email to : booking@christineplaysviola.com

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    Confirmed the release date of “Fading” – Lyric Video and Pre-Order Link

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    Through The Night – New Video Clip

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    “Fading” The New Album

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    To Rome with love

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    About the new album of Christine Plays Viola

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    Christine Plays Viola Brand New Album announced

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    Christine Plays Viola shooting 2020

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